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Cookie Policies

Cookie Policies

When you visit our website, your preferences are recorded to develop your online experience with the services we provide in your subsequent visits. The cookies located on your computer do not collect any kind of data from your computer and do not initiate any kind of flow of data to our Company. They are only used to determine the sections you preferred during your visit to our website and to present the preferences that will capture your attention during your visits.

- It is determined how many times you visited our website with the temporary cookies we use on our website, and these cookies are deleted when you close your web browser.

- Permanent cookies are saved on your computer with your web browser and are used to report whether you have previously visited our website.

You can examine the relevant field in the settings section of your web browser for matters like deleting the cookies saved on your computer, providing notice of cookies when you visit websites, and preventing all cookies. We suggest that you keep cookies enabled to benefit more productively from our website.

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