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Our History
Our History
The foundations of Bella Maison, genuine brand in home - life segment, were laid by Mr. Ali Tan in the early 90s.  Having many successes in many industries, Tan Family opened the first furniture manufacturing facilities in 1998 in Samandıra town of Istanbul. 

Specialized especially in manufacturing of kitchen furniture, family capitalized on the international market opportunities and accordingly began marketing activities under the Sarl Cocon Import Export company they founded in Algeria in 2003.  Rapidly becoming the largest forest products and furniture accessories marketing company of Algeria in a short time, Sarl Coon contributed significantly in development and growth of the market and emergence of the local producers. 

Currently being the exclusive certified reseller in Algeria of 50 leading production companies of Turkey, China and Europe, Sarl Cocon also markets high quality furniture accessories and electric kitchen & home appliances under its own brands such as Axe, Bnc and Boxseur to the Algerian customers.

Upon decision of staying in Algeria driven by the increasing market demands thanks to its reliable business partnership, Tan Family opened the Sarl Coccinelle furniture manufacturing facilities in 2017.   As a pioneer in the field, Sarl Coccinelle pave the way for an important change in home decorations with its modular system in place of the concrete kitchen tops used in the kitchens of the housing estates in Algeria during its first years of operation thanks to the collaboration with ONPI, which is the Algerian equivalent of Turkish Housing Estate Authority (TOKI). 

Today using wooden kitchen furniture in place of kitchen with concrete kitchen top in entire government procurements, Sarl Coccinelle is the largest producer of the Algeria, with its strong organizational structure, modern perspective, importance placed on the technology and qualified human resource and creation of substantial employment opportunities and a broad sales and marketing network. 

Growing rapidly thanks to international successes and becoming a reputable highly sought player in the market, Sarl Coccinelle is capable of manufacturing 12 thousand bedroom sets and 12 thousand sets of kitchen furniture annually.
Upon decision of strengthening the Turkey investments while going on Algerian operations in 2013, Tan Family founded the Bengi Dış Ticaret A.Ş. in order to improve the service quality, provide target-price and quality focused service and develop the international import organization.  And in 2016, it made a strong penetration with the Bella Maison brand under the roof of Tan Invest Dış Ticaret A.Ş. into the retailing in the home-life segment.

Besides its first store opened in Istanbul, Bella Maison aims at offering customers its wide range of products with genuine design in the cosmetics, home dressing and home decorations, in addition to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom textile ranges in the stores to be opened in important locations entire Turkey, primarily of Ankara and Izmir, with the slogan of "Joy of Home Living".


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