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About Us
About Us 

Throughout the history, people has been decorating their living spaces and work spaces for reasons such as comfort, pleasure, appreciation, etc. In decoration field, just like any other field, decoration elements has been ever changing and becoming diversified thanks to the fashion trends that differ depending on the period.
As Bella Maison, we bring together our designs and collections, styled in line with the decoration trends changing every year, in order to assure the joy of living at homes.  For this purpose, we define every details to be needed for a home via our strong design and product team and offer them to our customers with a pleasing presentation.
We conduct washing and wearing tests of textile products which have a special design and sewing style, at the leading R&D laboratories under the control of our expert teams.  The priority through entire production stages is given to production of 100% healthy products in accordance with TSI standards.  In transformation process of the fabrics produced exclusively for Bella Maison customers into the unique designs, we take color and patterns of fashion trends as a reference.

Mix and Match

Designed with our genuine trend interpretations, which are mindful of the needs and cultural particularities of the societies we live in, our each and every collection has a different home story.

We see the home not as a mere shelter, rather a peaceful and joyful mean of escape reflecting our identity, and for this, we offer the Mix & Match opportunity to give inspiration and encourage creative decoration styles.  With Mix and Match, the most practical and joyful mode of shopping, to mix and match your older decoration elements with newer ones, patterned fabrics with plain colors and to combine different materials to reflect your style, we ensure your freedom in decoration.   You can purchase the sets of our collections brought together by our design team after long years of research and works, or, if you wish, create your own set selecting individual items from different collections.  With combinations you can freely mix and match without limitation at sales points of Bella Maison, you are now the architect of your living spaces.

Decoration is important since the appearance, structure, functionality of the place we live in have a substantial effect on our feelings.  A beautiful decoration designed to fit its purpose boosts our motivation and energizes us.  Pursuing this mission, as a brand for those who wants to inscribe their signatures in the spaces they live in, we promise that you will select the best combination that suit to you among hundreds of options, boosting the energy of your home, transforming it into a genuine spirit.

You invite you to a happy future in your joyful and peaceful living spaces with the shopping experience at your shops and online shopping website.

Meaning of our Logo

Meaning "the beautiful home", Bella Maison makes the concept of beautiful a part of your life through joyful shopping options by diversifying and freeing the meaning of beauty, which is in fact a subjective concept, not oppressing it under standard rules.

We provide a one stop shopping opportunity for all your needs to decorate your home and turn it into a living space full of comfort.  We know the beauty is subjective, therefore, we offer Mix and Match opportunity to make combinations among hundreds of options in order to create your own beautiful home.

Our logo is a rendition of cotton which emphasize the softness, durability and healthiness of our products.

We exercise outmost care to use natural fabrics and materials in our products. Especially, we never make compromises with respect to using first-grade cotton fabric.   We produce our textile products so that they will create a comfy contact with skin of yours and your children.

As the cotton fabric have a breathable surface because of non-tight woven method, it helps solving the big problem such as perspiration while locking the moisture in or allow fumes pass through.   It is also hygienic and durable against soap wash.  Both its use and appearance is soft and comfy.

We are a source of energy, who welcome each and every customer with the slogan of "your home, our home", harmonizing with every home thanks to liveliness, variety and quality of our products.
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